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Everyone loves flowers especially at Whimsy. So you can have your flowers and eat them too! Tell us your favorite flower(s) and color scheme and we will do the rest. If you would like only one type of flower please let us know or we will do an assortment of floral designs to fit your color scheme. They will come in a classic cupcake container or you can have them packaged in clear cupcake box wrapped with ribbon cupcake containers in quantity if 6,12,18, and 24. For additional cost. Individual containers are an additional $1.25 each. The Luxury ribbon wrapped clear box is an additional cost depending on size.


Floral Buttercream cupcakes & Bouquet

  • These cupcakes look amazing and taste just as great however the icing is a thick yet very sweet.  We make our icing with a large amount of icing sugar to allow us that crisp look in the details of the flowers.  

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