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These popular sneakers are loved by all so much so that we have received numerous request to make them into cake. We love doing sculpted cakes and it's all edible. Choose your cake flavor and icing flavor. Also let us know what color sneaker you would like and what particular design. I quite about other design as the price will be different depending the time and design factors for each designed shoe.

We also do vegan and gluten free cakes as well.

Keep in mind that each shoe is different as this is just a starting price depending on the details needed for your specific shoe design. However this is the actual price for the start of a sneaker cake and the Jordan 1 sneaker which is our most popular Shoe cake right now. Please inquire about any other design to see if their is a price adjustment.

You can order this amazing cake for any time. We just ask for a 4 to 6 week notice. However we often have space to do orders at a shorter notice we just ask that you call to check date availability before purchase. Any orders for Oct. Nov., Dec 2022 made between Oct 1st-15th will receive our Fall Flash Sale discount.

This 15% off Birthday Sale ends July 8th midnight. Purchase today and you can reserve your order through April 8, 2024. Please do not wait to secure your date. We ask that you give us atleast a 4-6 week notice for the date needed. If the date needed is sooner, please give us a call to see if your date and time is available.

*****Please check with us before purchase to ensure sure your requested date is available. **** ordering with-in 2 weeks the full amount is due at time of order.****

Jordan 3D sneaker cake

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