Having a hard time on what flavor to pick? Well no worries this box will allow you to taste many different flavors. Our Indecisive box is the perfect treat filled with assorted flavors of your choice. Choose from the flavor options below..  There is love in every bite. The box comes with 5 slice options. 
Flavor options:
Banana pudding🍌
Lemon Meringue🍋
Lemon raspberry
Oreo cookies n cream
Sweet potato🥔
Apple Caramel Crunch🍎
Crème Brulee
Reeses Crunch
Chocolate chip cookie dough
Biscoff Cookie butter
Linden Buttercrunch
Peaches cobbler🍊
Classic plain with fresh berries

Please list flavors in comment section
****PICK UP IS FRIDAY, MAY 28th 4:30-7  or you can choose a later date. Nothing before may 28th****Please ensure to refrigerate.

Indecisive Cheesecake slice Box