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This cake is a chocolate lovers "Dream".  Our Chocolate Dream is a decadent chocolate cake baked with chocolate chips and topped with a smooth chocolate ganache.  Yes you heard it!   No need to have any icing on this moist yet flavorful cake.  But we must warn you it is hard to eat just one slice.  Our pound cakes now come in different flavors but this one by far is the best one!  


I want it all (has all ingredients including egg and dairy),  Sugar Free, Vegan(no dairy product) & Gluten free


This is one of our many desserts that is shippable.  We do ship this cake nationwide.  Please provide 5 days  to receive to allow to bake freeze and shipping time.  We pride ourselves on freshness and flavor so we will not give you product that has been in the freezer for weeks or months.  Freshness Gurantee!!!

Chocolate Dream Pound Cake

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